Bulk Reporting with SEOptimer

Generate Hundreds or Thousands of Custom Branded SEO Audits in Record Time

Simply upload a Bulk List of Website URLs via CSV file

Dominate Prospecting and Lead Gen for your Agency

What it is

SEOptimer's White Label SEO Reporting functionality is already used by thousands of agencies worldwide to generate Beautiful Custom Branded reports for their clients or prospects.

Now we’ve built a Bulk Loading UI interface to take Report Generation and Automation to the next level.

You can generate thousands of Reports for use in email outreach, or alternatively download every piece of SEO Audit Result Data in a CSV for Bulk Spreadsheet Analysis.

Want to know which of a thousand websites are missing a Title Tag, have a Slow Website or missing Social Profiles? SEOptimer’s Bulk Reporting Tool can help you. It’s a prospecting game changer that will supercharge the way you gain clients.

How it works


Configure your White Label Report Settings to match your business branding. Add your own logo, company details, fonts and colors to suite.

Choose which specific checks and sections you’d like to include, and add custom text content for that personal touch. Choose from one of 10 languages.

Find out more about our White Label Reporting customization capabilities here.

Full Site Crawl
Full Site Crawl


Upload a CSV of hundreds or thousands of website URLs via our Bulk Reporting Interface.

We’ll validate your uploaded URLs in real time and let you know if there are any problems.

Incorrect URL, Missing Site? This can all be corrected before you start.

Batch Process

Click Start, and all your websites are submitted for Batch Processing.

We’ll provide real-time feedback on progress of the Batch.

You can also download completed reports and result data while the batch is still running.

Full Site Crawl
Full Site Crawl

Download & Analyze

You can download a Zip Archive of all generated PDFs to use in prospecting efforts to dominate lead gen and growth for your agency.

Alternatively, you can download a collated CSV file of all reporting results down to the individual check and website level. Performed detailed spreadsheet analysis to find prospects with the biggest issues, where you can deliver the most value.

Sign up now with our Bulk Reporting Plans

Bulk Reporting functionality is bundled with our API plans.

Features BR-API-1 BR-API-2 BR-API-3 Custom
Price $100 a Month $250 a Month $500 a Month Custom Pricing
Reports per Month 500 2500 10000 Custom Limit
Submit URLs via JSON
Retrieve Data Points via JSON
Retrieve Scores via JSON
Retrieve White Label PDFs
Add Report Custom Branding and Colors

Want to learn more?

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Need help finding leads?

We’re working on a new prospecting tool for agencies to help you search for businesses in a specific category and location.

Additionally, business profile data will be overlaid with the business’s Digital Marketing profile - including Website and Social Audit scores & deficiencies, so you can focus on specific businesses that need your services the most.

If this is of interest to you - please sign up to our subscriber list for information and introductory offers when it launches: