We're constantly listening to what our customers tell us, and use that feedback to make SEOptimer a better product. As part of that, we've been launching a number of exciting new features, described below. In particular, Comprehensive Website Crawling and Keyword tracking capabilities have been made standard across all of the plans with no price change.


If you're an existing customer, enjoy the free features!

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Perform a comprehensive crawl across all of a website's pages to find issues that are holding them back from their ranking potential. We'll scan page by page and show you the pages with the highest number, or the most urgent problems. You can easily search and filter by page, or category of issues to focus on.


White Label Plan customers can perform 10 crawls a month. Embedding customers can perform 50.



Simple Rank Tracking


Keep on top of how your website, competitor or customer keywords are performing over time. See the estimated traffic being delivered by each keyword. Did you know that rankings vary depending on your location? Do you have clients based in multiple countries? SEOptimer allows you to choose your country tracking location for any keyword set so that you can deliver the most accurate results.


Track 20, 100 or 250 keywords, across any number of websites, depending on your plan.



Keyword Recommendations


Want to find keywords that will maximize traffic? SEOptimer will review a website's current rankings and website text content to recommend keywords with high volume and low competition. Simply add these keywords to your tracker with the click of a button.



Other Recent Improvements

Full Javascript Rendering and Evaluation


We load every website in a Virtual Chrome Browser in the Cloud, so that it renders as closely as possible to a real user viewing experience before it is evaluated.


This means our logic can pick up dynamic Javascript content, scripts and visual effects that other bots and tools will miss.

Do-It-Yourself SEO Product


We recently introduced a third 'DIY SEO' plan designed for Small Businesses to improve their websites without the high costs of SEO agencies.


DIY SEO offers crawling and keyword tracking as well as recommending clear, easy to follow tasks with guides for different website types, and showing you your progress over time.



Interested in a feature?


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